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Round Yard Custom Horse... 

An Bespoke Rocking Horse wouldn't be that; if you didn't get to do your own designing...


For us, It's the most exciting part about seeing each horse through too completion... Our clients add their individual style to their custom build... 

Each horse is individually pieced together based on your selection of horse size, premium woods, real ethically sourced horse hair, tough child proof laquers,  and finished with your selection of 100% leather bridle and saddle... So no two horse's are the same and remains unique to your family!!! 

Our Horses come in 3 size ranges... Small, Standard and Medium Horses!!!

Small Rocking Horse:

Measures 1000m in height x 500mm wide x 1100mm length

Stained Finish $1400

Premium Timbers or Painted Finish $1800

Standard Rocking Horse:

Measures 1100mm in height x 600mm wide x 1250mm length

Stained Finish $1600

Premium Timbers or Painted Finish $2000

Medium Rocking Horse:

Measures 1250mm in height x 700mm wide x 1400mm length

Stained Finish $2100

Premium Timbers or Painted Finish $2600

Each horse is then branded with our hot branding iron to ensure you know you have a quality Round Yard Rocking Horse...

NOTE: All prices are subject to change without notice...

Horse Main + Tail

Colour Selection

Leather Bridle + Reigns

Nikel or Brass Pins

Silver plate

Jewellers Bronze

Saddle Underlay


Country Western

100% leather saddle

Western (Pictured below)

English (Black or Brown)

Premium Timbers

Red Cedar

Silky Oak

Queensland Maple

(Subject to Availability)

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