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Round Yard Rocking Horses is a family owned and operated business, with husband + wife duo Debbie + Dave Sainsbury behind the tools... 

If you have ever wanted to have something that can be handed down through the generations of your family, then consider a Round Yard Rocking Horse... They are lovingly hand carved with much attention to detail... Our horses are also fitted with a keepsake capsule where you can keep treasured photos of your children / grand children  riding their very own rocking horse... Each horse is numbered and dated when they are made... 

"Our passion for carving sits parallel to our love for premium bespoke timbers... Paired together and we can create the most devine Heirloom piece for any family.. We are able to design a horse to suit any homes decor or styling... Our Grandies absolutely adore their horse, and we are positive the little loves in your lives will too..."

Debbie + Dave Sainsbury
Owner / Manager
Round Yard Rocking Horses
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